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Capital Improvement Program
The Mecklenburg County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) comprises the financing, acquisition, development, and implementation of permanent improvement projects for the County's fixed assets. 
The CIP document is a comprehensive, annually updated plan for land acquisition, and the development, modernization or replacement of county-owned facilities, infrastructure, and equipment. 
The Citizens Capital Budget Advisory Committee (CCBAC) is an eleven member committee with nine members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and two liaison members appointed by the Board of Education to review and make recommendations regarding proposed capital projects.

June 21, 2012 - The Board received a list of projects ranked in priority order that totals $274 million. Staff is recommending the Board consider the top 18 projects for funding through the sale of bonds and the use of the County's PayGo fund. A majority of the projects are remodeling old schools in the CMS system and buildings for CPCC. Several park and greenway projects are also on the ranked list.

Presentation to the Board

FY2012 Recommended Capital Project Ranking 

FY2012 Ranked Projects with descriptions

FY2012 Capital Projects for Future Ranking

Oct 2, 2012  - Capital Budget Retreat at the Harris Conference Center, Central Piedmont Community College, 3216 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte. The agenda includes a capital finance overview and policy recommendations for the capital budget and plan.

Capital expenditures are defined as an outlay in excess of $250,000 to acquire, upgrade or renovate a business or capital asset that benefits the County and has a useful life of 20 or more years.

Capital Retreat Notebook 

Capital Budget Retreat Overview 

Managing for Results Overview 


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