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Providers Newly Listed In Our Database


Community Care Services, LLC
To provide mental health and substance abuse services to individuals 18 and older and to aide in their recovery so they can live successfully in their communities. 
 SERVICES: They provide peer support services, individual support services, and outpatient therapy.   
FEES: Fees for services are based on Medicaid rates for service.   Call 704-249-7158 for more information. 
Gaither Appliances
To assist seniors and individuals with low income by providing appliances and appliance related services below market value. 
 SERVICES: Assist with appliance sales, repairing appliances, and relocating appliances. 
FEES: Please call 704-449-0220 for fees
101 Mobility
To provide accessibility solutions to seniors and disabled adults
SERVICES: Ramps, auto lifts, patient lifts, stair lifts
FEES:  Call 704-310-5964 to set up an appointment for evaluation then fees will be based on equipment that is recommended. 






Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m - 5 p.m.