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Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention MonthCharleta Wylie
Charleta Wylie
DSS, Community Resources Division

I chose to do social work because I enjoy impacting families’ lives and empowering them to see that their hopes and dreams are within reach regardless of their current circumstances. I get a sense of fulfillment when families have their “light bulb” moment of realizing their present doesn't have to be their future.

In my current job I protect and serve children by working with their parent(s) to optimize their strengths so that they are better able to parent.

By building up the parent it is sure to provide a positive impact on the family which, in turn, keeps the children protected and safe. I am able to do this by providing families with ongoing supportive services, which will empower them to maintain a stable residence in the community, and maximize their capacity for independent living. I assist in strengthening the family's coping skills and capacity to function effectively in the home and community.


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