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Shauna Simmons and Adrienne Wyatt Shauna Simmons and Adrienne Wyatt
Child Support Enforcement

Please join me in recognizing Shauna Simmons and Adrienne Wyatt as Super Collectors for their work on a case that Shauna has been managing since 2004.  This case is an interstate case with Massachusetts, but has a New York support order.  The youngest child on the case emancipated in 2008.  The case was assigned to Shauna after the custodial parent opened her case here in 1995; and after our recent caseload reassignment, Adrienne inherited it in her caseload.

Several unsuccessful attempts were made by the non-custodial parent to have the child emancipated before New York’s age of majority of 21 years old; however, Shauna was able to forward a registration packet to Massachusetts child support officials, who processed a bank levy against the NCP’s account resulting in a lump sum collection of $25,960.42 – the second largest lump sum collection in the state for the month of December. 

The custodial parent on the case made a special trip to our office to personally thank Shauna for her relentless pursuit of payment on behalf of her family.
“I like the work that I do because it makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile for our children.  It is very rewarding in that it gives me great satisfaction to know that I have assisted families in improving their economic quality of life. ” Shauna Simmons

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