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​Livability Forum

The Livability Forum will take a broader view of topics needing attention in the Mecklenburg area. It is clear that the issues to be discussed in each of the four Workgroups are linked together, and the purpose of the Livability Forum will be to provide a mechanism for exchange of ideas and information generated by the Work Groups for topics that relate to each other, and to help synthesize the ideas and recommendations. ​

Meeting Notes

Jan. 22, 2014​

Combined vision and guiding principles feedback

MLCP WorkGroup and Livability Forum Notes June 2014.pdfLivability Forum Notes June 2014 (scroll all the way to the bottom)

July 22 and 23, 2014​

Join the Conversation

Which programs/policies do you see in your community, specific to this Livable Community Livability Forum workgroup that are most directly related to the proposed Vision and Guiding Principles? Join the conversation here

 Join the Conversation

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