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Q: What is the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan?
A: The Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan is a joint initiative between Mecklenburg County, the City of Charlotte, surrounding Towns, and the Foundation for the Carolinas to develop a unified vision that incorporates community-wide goals centered on how we live, work, and play today and into the future. This collaborative effort by local governments (in Mecklenburg County) provides an opportunity to review existing plans and identify commonalities that encourage and support a vibrant and healthy quality of life of our community.

Q: Who does the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan impact? 

A:  The Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan impacts every resident, non-profit, business, and organization in Mecklenburg County.

Q: How is the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan being developed? Resident workgroups will, in the first year, develop a community vision.

A: An Oversight Committee will guide the resident workgroup, together with a consultant, in this work.   Members of the Oversight Committee include:
  • Leslie Johnson, Mecklenburg County Interim Assistant County Manager
  • Monica Allen, Mecklenburg County Performance and Evaluation Manager
  • Hyong Yi, Charlotte Assistant City Manager
  • Pat Mumford, Charlotte Director of Neighborhood and Business Services
  • Tyler Beardsley, Cornelius Manager’s Office
  • Leamon Brice, Davidson Town Manager
  • Greg Ferguson, Huntersville Town Manager
  • Annette Keller, Matthews Communications Director
  • Haynes Brigman, Pineville Town Manager
  • Brian Collier, Foundation For The Carolinas Senior Vice President
  • Brian Welch, Mint Hill Town Manager
This vision will be proposed to the Mecklenburg community at large as well as to elected officials throughout the County to gain broad understanding and support.   In the second year, resident workgroups will developing the goals and measures that will mark progress in meeting our vision.   This final plan will again be proposed to the Mecklenburg community at large for adoption.

Q: Do we need another plan?

A: In 2012, Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte partnered together in conducting a Feasibility Study to determine if a community plan was needed.  The International City/County Management Association conducted the Feasibility Study and found that we have no unified Community vision or document that:
  • Brings the existing numerous localized plans and programs together,
  • Establishes goals and performance measures that provide a beacon toward out future community, and
  • Entails a robust community engagement approach to communicate between silo efforts.

The Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan will:

  • Identify commonalities, overlaps and gaps with existing plans throughout Mecklenburg County
  • Provide policymakers a strategy to organize and communicate common goals and values that produce a better quality of life
  • Identify opportunities to highlight unique municipal identity and character
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships that increase outcomes and eliminate duplicative efforts and tear down silos
  • Provides a forum for conversation and awareness with residents and private sector regarding larger community
  • Increased options for grant funding toward community goals and priorities
  • Fosters cooperation and collaboration among various community stakeholder groups for common prioritization, effectiveness and efficiency

 Q:  What are the existing plans and community efforts in Mecklenburg County?
 A:  We continue to gather and update the list of Local Government and Community Plans in Mecklenburg County.  The current lists can be found in these two documents. County, City and Towns - Plans, Programs and Policies Non-Profits and Community Partner Plan

Q: When will the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan be finalized?
A: Development of the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan is estimated to be a 2-year effort.  Phase one will develop the vision (estimated to require one year) and phase two will develop the goals and measures in the plan (estimated to require one year).

How do I keep up to date on the development of the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan?
A: Keep current with the resident workgroup activities, comment on progress or priorities that should be considered, and hear what guidance elected officials are providing by visiting this website.

Community meetings will be announced and posted here in the future.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: You can:

  • Attend a community meeting
  • Comment on our blog

Q: How is this different from the CONNECT Our Future initiative?
A: Download the document

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