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​Bike Camp Allows Kids the Chance to Explore Charlotte While Learning Bike Safety, Maintenance


bike ridingIs your kid a cycling enthusiast or looking to get started? Now is the time to register for the inaugural CLT Bike Camp. The camp, offered for various age groups and skill levels, allows participants the chance to explore Charlotte while gaining experience in bike riding, safety and maintenance.

All campers are required to have their own bicycle and helmet and must be able to ride in a straight line without assistance. Cost is $70 per week.

Camp dates and details:

First Wheels June 19-23, Ages 7-10, Wallace Pruitt Recreation Center
Come gain experience on your bike. This camp is geared for folks newer to riding. Riders will learn about intersections, hazards, speed control, and basic repair. The camp will include games and the opportunity to practice riding on the greenway to parks and fun locations nearby. Typical mileage for First Wheels is six or fewer miles a day.

Rolling Ready July 10-14, Ages 8-12, Wallace Pruitt Recreation Center
The Rolling Ready program is for intermediate riders who are interested in expanding their horizons. Campers will ride between six – 10 miles a day with the potential for one longer day trip. The focus of this program is to reach new destinations, cover greater distances and encounter different styles of riding. As with all programs, participants will learn mechanics, bike care and safe riding skills.

Hard Gear August 7-11, Ages 12-15, Mahlon Adams at Freedom Park
The Hard Gear program is like the Rolling Ready program except its geared toward older riders who are interested in meeting new people and discovering new places. Participants are also given opportunities to get more in-depth knowledge and experience in mechanics/repair. This program is for riders ready to log some miles on their bikes. Riders can expect to ride 10+ miles on several rides. There will be days with fewer miles.

For more information or to register, visit