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More About 311
Callers to 311 may also get directory assistance to City and County offices, schedules for meetings of City and County government, and information about various City and County services. Specialists trained in tax and utility issues will be on-hand to assist callers. Complex calls beyond the scope of 311 and those requiring extensive research and investigation will be connected directly to the relevant department.
All communities within Mecklenburg County that receive a service provided by the County or City of Charlotte, may call 311 regarding that service or to obtain information about other City/County services.
Hours of Operation:
You can access 311 outside of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County by calling 704-336-7600.
311 can be accessed via a cell phone if your cellular company carrier has programmed the 311 number to its towers. If not, you can call (704) 336-7600 on your cell phone and be connected to the 311 call center.