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Doing Business With Us - Insurance Industry

Flood insurance policies are separate from other policies for homeowners, renters or businesses.

Flood insurance sold by private insurance companies is backed by the U.S. government's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP.) That means local property owners are eligible to buy flood insurance whether their property is in a regulated floodplain or not.

Flood insurance is required when the building is in a high-risk area and the owner has a federally-backed mortgage.

Automatic discounts are available on flood insurance policies in Charlotte, Pineville and unincorporated Mecklenburg County. That's through the Community Rating System.
Section of local floodplain map 
"Write Your Own" program

Flood insurance policies may be written by insurance providers who've been approved by the NFIP as "Write Your Own" (WYO) companies. The Write Your Own program began in 1983. It is a cooperative effort of the insurance industry and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The WYO program allows participating property and casualty insurance companies to write and service the Standard Flood Insurance Policy in their business' name. The companies receive an expense allowance for flood insurance policies written and claims processed. The federal government retains responsibility for underwriting losses.

The WYO program operates within the context of the NFIP and is subject to its rules and regulations. Currently, about 100 private insurance companies across the U.S. offer flood insurance policies with FEMA.

Flood Insurance Manual
Used primarily by insurance companies and agents writing insurance policies under the terms of the National Flood Insurance Program. The manual is updated about every six months.

Who should buy flood insurance?

How do I buy flood insurance?

Buying or selling flood-prone property

Floodzone Interactive Map        3D Interactive Floodzone Mapping
(see if property is in a floodzone, determine chance of flooding and more)

Diagram of what's shown on a Floodplain Map

Floodzone definitions on a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Flood Insurance Rate Map panels
Listed by FEMA number. Includes Index Maps for Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. To find property-specific flood information, use the 3D Floodzone Interactive Map.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) elevation reference marks
Surveyor benchmarks, most created in 1999 and 2000. Used for the 2004 FEMA floodplain mapping in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Flood Insurance Study Report
Narrative description of flood hazards. Includes past flooding information and data on Charlotte-Mecklenburg streams. The Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Report includes text, graphics, flood profiles and tabular data (including Floodway Data Tables) useful in quantifying flood risk when combined with information on the Flood Insurance Rate Map. 

FloodSmart's website for flood insurance professionals

FEMA’s website for flood insurance professionals