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National Association of Storm Water and Floodplain Managers (NAFSMA)
National Conference - July 2008 in Charlotte

Water Quantity and Quality: Multi-Objective Floodplain Workshop

Colored blocks used as graphic design on workshop materials  This two-day conference showed how Charlotte-Mecklenburg successfully uses a single agency to manage floodplains and improve surface water quality. The meeting included:

  • presentations
  • workshops
  • discussions
  • field trip to see several of Storm Water Services' capital projects.



PowerPoint presentations:

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services overview

    Floodplain mapping at the local level

    Map maintenance at the state level (presented by State of North Carolina)

    Map maintenance at the national level (presented by FEMA)

    Mapping to a higher standard, ordinances and CRS

    Local Flood Information & Notification System

    CMSWS Flood Mitigation program

    Flood mitigation grants

    Protecting surface water quality

    Bringing it all together - Comprehensive Floodplain Management

Field tour along restored urban creek
Field tour watching porous pavement absorb water