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Pressure Washers and Mobile Detailers

Example of Good car mobile detailers.
Example of a good mobile detailing practice

Pressure washing, vehicle washing and other surface cleaning operations (parking lots, buildings, etc.) occur every day in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Because pressure washing is so widespread, the potential impacts to the environment are significant. When polluted water enters storm drains, that water flows directly to the nearest stream, pond or lake.

Common pollutants present in wash water include:
  • oil and other fuels
  • detergents
  • sediment
  • heavy metals.
This is true even if biodegradable or environmentally friendly products are used. The result can be damage to aquatic life, downstream swimming areas and drinking water supplies.

The following information sheets explain the requirements and best practices for the pressure washing and mobile detailing industry.

Best Management Practices for Pressure Washers, Vehicle Detailers and Other Surface Cleaning Operations

Acceptable Practices for Disposal of Wash Water from Pressure Washing, Vehicle Detailing and Other Surface Cleaning Operations

Products Available for Containment, Collection and Filtering