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Land surveyors have an important role in storm water management. That often includes knowing about:

  •  elevation certificates
  •  water quality and SWIM buffers
  •  open space requirements
  •  Floodplain Maps and Letters of Map Amendment/Revision.

Surveyors' Workshop

More than 100 people attended a workshop for surveyors held in December 2013. Topics included new floodplain maps, an explanation of storm water Best Management Practices (BMPs), updates to the Post-Construction Controls ordinance and the new POLARIS map.

Agenda for 2013 Surveyor's Workshop

PowerPoint presentations from the 2013 workshop:
   (Mecklenburg County GIS)
Post Construction ordinance updates
Installation and Function of BMPs
Update on Floodplain Map revisions​
Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform​ 
   (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services)

Surveyors attending workshop