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Are you prepared for a flood?

Anywhere it rains, it can flood. And floods are Charlotte-Mecklenburg's most common—and costly— natural disaster.

Many of our floods are caused by heavy rain from thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes.

Billboard with quote from flood survivor

Anywhere it rains, it can flood.

Flooding is common
Charlotte gets more rain each year than does Seattle. Yet we have fewer rainy days. More rain in less time means a greater chance of flash flooding.

Flooding is costly
Floods cost Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents more money than any other type of natural disaster.

Flooding is deadly
In the past 20 years, flooding has killed more people in Charlotte-Mecklenburg than tornadoes and lightning combined.

See how your two feet are no match for one foot of floodwater​
(Local video for 2013 National Flood Safety Awareness Week)

Prepare for flooding: Build an "ARK" 

What you should do before it floods
Turn around, don't drown!  Most flood deaths happen in vehicles.

Flash floods are especially dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. See why.

Know if your property is in a Floodzone.

Remember that floodplain maps only show certain types of flood risks. Flooding can and does happen outside of mapped floodplains.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is very prone to flash-flooding. If it rains hard enough, creeks naturally overflow their banks and low-lying areas of streets and yards will have standing water. Why does it flood?

Part of what makes flooding dangerous is its unpredictability. Learn what to do before, during and after a flood.

Have an Emergency Supply Kit.  Be ready to evacuate, or to move valuables and important documents to a safe, dry place.


Buy flood insurance. Only flood insurance covers flood damage.

Flood insurance myths and facts

Flooded road.
The cost of flooding See how much a flood could cost you, inch by inch. (National Flood Insurance Program)

100-Year Flood: Haven't we already had one this century?
(USGS publication)

More information from:

the National Flood Insurance Program  
North Carolina's Insurance Commissioner