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Storm Water Services Priority Categories
Projects within the same priority are addressed based on "fixing the worst problem first," and then by the date the request was received (first in, first out).

First Priority (Category A) Requests:

  • Living space flooding or flooding of nonresidential structures that have electricity and permanent foundations
  • Street flooding
  • Ditch/Channel or Blowouts – within approximately 10 feet of a house or roadway, blowouts next to road's edge, street failures, catch basins in street right of way, failures of drainage structures
  • Public safety hazards - storm drain failures at footbridges; missing grates or manhole covers
  • Street storm drain failures at sidewalks and driveways
  • Total blockages of storm drain outfalls or buried inlets that are causing or could cause a qualifying problem

Storm drain outfall of pipes

Second Priority (Category B) Requests:

  • Blowouts – Away from any permanent structure outside of the right of way (approximately 10 feet from house or roadway), collapsed headwall or imminent danger of failure and structure failures of drop inlets and junction boxes
  • Crawlspace flooding
Blowout in grassy field
 Headwall pipe cracked 

Starting in July 1, 2015, City Storm Water Services stopped qualifying new low priority C requests for service.

Third Priority (Category C) Requests:

  • Sedimentation – Sediment build-up at outlets of storm drainage pipes causing partial blockage of the channel
  • Headwall Damage – Minor structural cracks or leaning wall
  • Channel Blockage – Excessive natural debris obstructing water flow or urban trash that is causing or could cause a qualifying problem
  • Channel Erosion – Banks unprotected (showing active erosion) and unstable
Photo Book of Storm Water Features shows pictures of additional structures and devices used for storm water drainage.