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What are floodplain maps used for?


Floodplain maps are used to:

   • guide new construction and remodeling
   • determine when flood insurance is required
   • set the cost of flood insurance premiums. 

There are more than 5,000 commercial and residential structures in Charlotte-Mecklenburg's mapped floodplains.

Mapped, regulated floodplains are sometimes called Special Flood Hazard Areas.

Flood map

Local officials use floodplain maps to make sure new construction meets the requirements of floodplain regulations. Mortgage and insurance companies use the maps to determine the risk of financing or insuring buildings in or near the floodplain.

Use the interactive map to see if your property is in a mapped floodplain

Two floodplains

In 2000, Charlotte-Mecklenburg became the first community in the nation to show both the current and future floodplain on its official maps. 

Mecklenburg County's floodplain maps accurately show the locations along major streams and creeks where flooding is more likely to occur now. Charlotte-Mecklenburg decided to go a step further and determine what areas will be prone to flooding in the future—once land upstream is paved and built upon. 

These locations are known as the Future Floodplain or Community Floodplain. Because of its potential to flood in the future, there are restrictions on grading, building renovations or new construction in the Community Floodplain.

More about the two floodplains

Official floodplain map    Current maps have been used since 2000. FEMA approved Charlotte-Mecklenburg's floodplain maps in 2004.
  • Remapping began in 1999
  • Cost $2 million
  • 60% of remapping paid by Storm Water Services fees
  • 40% of remapping paid by federal and state sources

Charlotte-Mecklenburg began updating floodplain maps in 2010. New floodplain maps have now taken effect for about one-third of Mecklenburg County. In other sections of the county, the 2000 maps remain in effect.

For more information about floodplain maps, contact:

David Kroening    
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services