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Will Storm Water Services fix my drainage problem?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services will fix drainage problems: 

    1) if the water is coming from a public source such as a street or drainage system


    2) if the repair serves some public good.

Qualifying problems include:
  • Flooding in the living space
  • Severe stream bank erosion
  • Blocked creeks, storm drainage pipes or drainage ditches
  • Undersized storm drainage pipes or culverts
  • Sinkholes over storm drainage pipes
Floodwater surrounds a house
Problems that do not qualify include:
  • Yard flooding
  • Drainage problems caused by landscaping
  • Drainage concerns caused by roofing or gutter problems
  • Water that flows from adjoining property
  • Wet areas due to underground springs or wetlands
  • Water standing in a drainage ditch
Standing water in drainage ditch

How do I know if Storm Water Services will fix my drainage problem?
Call 311 (704-336-7600) or fill out the online form
and an inspector will visit the site within five business days to determine if it qualifies for repairs.

If the flooding on my property is covered, how soon will the problem be fixed?
Repairs are ranked by priority, "not first come, first-served." 
See the priority categories. 

Who pays for repairs done by Storm Water Services?
Qualifying repairs are covered by the monthly storm water fee paid by all Charlotte-Mecklenburg property owners.

How long is the backlog for repairs?
The waiting list for Category C repairs can be several years. 

Can I move up the waiting list?
Some property owners can move up the waiting list by paying half of the total cost of repairs.  This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Residents are often given this brochure to explain Storm Water Services’ policies for drainage repairs on private property.