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Where does the money go?

 Stormwater construction activity


The Storm Water Fee pays for storm water programs in Mecklenburg County and the seven municipalities.

More about what Storm Water Services does.

A portion of all Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water revenue goes to countywide efforts to reduce flood risks, improve water quality and restore streams. This is called the "major system" fee. Generally speaking, the County administers storm water programs involving named streams and regulated floodplains. 

Drainage systems inside the City of Charlotte and the six Towns are part of what's called the "minor system." This system includes storm drains, channels, pipes and culverts on private property and in the street right-of-way. Storm Water Services' work in the minor system is also designed to reduce flood risks and to improve water quality in streams and ponds.

Storm Water Services employees go to classrooms to teach students about watersheds and water quality.
We visit classrooms to teach about
watersheds and water quality.


For property owners inside the City of Charlotte, approximately:

  • 83% of fee revenue goes to storm water projects and initiatives inside the City limits (minor system)

  • 14% of fee revenue goes to Countywide storm water projects and initiatives (major system)

  • 3% of fee revenue goes to administrative and billing costs

See the current Storm Water Fees for more details.


Return on investment
For each County storm water fee dollar spent on flood mitigation, Mecklenburg County receives as much as $3.00 in federal and/or state grants. For each County storm water fee dollar spent on water quality, Mecklenburg County receives nearly $2.00 in federal and/or state grants.

From culverts to classrooms, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services works to create a safer, healthier community.​