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Pressure Washers and Mobile Vehicle Detailers
Pressure Washing

Below are some tips that pressure washers and mobile vehicle detailers can use to reduce storm water pollution:
  • Before pressure washing, pre-clean the area to be washed by removing trash, sediment, debris and oily spots.
  • Determine if the job can be done adequately without detergents or chemicals.
  • Never allow wash water containing detergents or chemicals to enter the storm drainage system.
  • Plan before you work – figure out in which direction water will flow and what equipment will be needed to capture wash water runoff.
  • Determine how you will dispose of wash water once it is collected.
  • Before discharging collected wash water to the sanitary sewer system, contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities at (704) 336-4407 to find out about their rules and guidelines for disposal into their system. 
  • If you plan to dispose of wash water at a property other than your own, be sure to discuss your plans with the property owner and obtain their permission.
  • Read the following publications. They provide detailed guidance about rules for pressure washing and mobile vehicle detailing.