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Restaurant Pollution Prevention Practices

Below are some tips restaurants can use to prevent water pollution.

  • Recycle grease and oil. Don't pour it into sinks, floor drains or onto a parking lot or street.
  • Pour wash water into a janitorial or mop sink. Don't pour it out onto a parking lot, sidewalk or street.
  • Clean floor mats, filters and garbage cans in a mop sink, floor drain or proper area outside. Don't wash them on a parking lot, sidewalk or street.
  • Use dry methods for spill cleanup (sweeping, cat litter, etc.).  Don't hose down spills.
  • Keep dumpster area clean and the lid closed. Don't fill it with water or hose it out. Make sure the clean-out plug has not been removed and that the dumpster is not leaking.
  • Use non-disposable products. If you must use disposable products, use paper instead of Styrofoam

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