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Briar Creek Watershed

Stream Restoration and Water Quality Enhancement

Rainfall in the densely-developed Briar Creek Watershed is likely to fall on pavement or rooftops.  All of that storm water runoff increases pollution and the risk of flash flooding.  Numerous storm water projects in this watershed are designed to:

  • Reduce street flooding
  • Repair the channels of Briar Creek and its tributaries
  • Improve water quality
Bridge over Briar Creek at Colony Road
Country Club Heights neighborhood (along Dunlavin Way)


Dore Academy site (1700 block of Providence Road)

Briar Creek Stream Restoration - Randolph to Providence Roads

Briar Creek - Runnymede Lane to Park Road (completed 2000) 

Neighborhoods in the Briar Creek Watershed​ include Chantilly, Plaza-Midwood, Cotswold, Grier Heights, and eastern Myers Park.