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Cherokee/Scotland Recommended Improvements Exhibits:

Public Meeting: October 25, 2005

All Information presented at the Public Meeting is available in .pdf format. Please be patient due to the large file sizes. The free Adobe reader can be downloaded at

Public Meeting Information

  • Citizen Handout- This 8 1/2" x 11" map was provided at the public meeting for citizens to take home and summarizes the Existing Condition Analysis for the project drainage system. This handout is an 8 1/2" x 11" version of the Existing Conditions Analysis Exhibit listed below.

View the Citizen Handout

  • Existing Conditions Analysis Exhibit - This exhibit summarizes the Existing Conditions Analysis. This map indicates which inlets, pipes, and channels do not meet the City's standards. This map also summarizes citizen feedback to date by showing the location and status of calls to the 336-RAIN hotline and by summarizing the results of the citizen questionnaire. 

 View the Existing Conditions Analysis Exhibit

  • Floodplain Exhibit- This exhibit shows the limits of flooding along the primary system for various frequency storms. For example, the 2-yr floodplain represents the limits of the floodwaters for a storm that has the likelihood of happening once every 2 years. This exhibit also indicates structures that are shown to flood based on the flooding limits as shown.

View the Floodplain Exhibit


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