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Country Club Heights Neighborhood
Floodplain Acquisition, Stream Restoration and Floodplain Restoration

Briar Creek runs through this peaceful neighborhood in East Charlotte. And between the creek and a winding street called Dunlavin Way, there is now a narrow, green stretch of land.

Storm Water Services plans to restore that section of Briar Creek and surrounding floodplain. The goals are improved water quality and better habitat for aquatic life and wildlife.

Until 2009, the project area was lined with homes. But the creek repeatedly flooded and the houses were frequently damaged. After a major flood in 2008, about two dozen homeowners in the Country Club Heights neighborhood decided to sell to Storm Water Services' Floodplain Buyout Program.

Remaining neighborhood residents met with Storm Water Services to discuss and draw sketches of what they'd like to see in the open space along the creek and Dunlavin Way where 19 homes once stood.

Conceptual sketch of project area 

Top amenities as voted on by Country Club Heights residents:
  • picnic shelter and tables
  • dog park
  • walking trail and pedestrian bridge
  • community garden for residents to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • save existing trees along the creek
  • wetlands

The proposed concept plan also includes a natural playground and butterfly garden in the restored floodplain.

Storm Water Services' project objectives:

  • Remove highest-risk buildings from the floodplain
  • Enhance the natural and beneficial function of the floodplain by creating green space along the creek
  • Improve water quality by restoring the stream bed and banks, adding gentle curves and repairing erosion damage

Nearby properties also purchased through the Floodplain Buyout Program will be maintained by Storm Water Services as open space.

Floodplain Buyout Cost: $3.1 million (includes 19 lots in the floodplain restoration area)

Sources of funding to buy property:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services: $3 million (2008 Quick Buy)
FEMA: $123,750

Stream and Floodplain Restoration cost:
To be determined

Sources of funding for Stream and Floodplain Restoration:
To be determined

Stream and Floodplain Restoration Project Manager
Crystal Taylor, P.E.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services