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Water Quality Improvement Projects – Feasibility Phase

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services starts several new projects each year to improve and protect the water quality of our local creeks.

At the very beginning of a project, quite a bit of evaluation needs to occur to determine if the project is feasible and if the project will continue on through the planning, design and construction process. This time period is referred to as the feasibility phase of a project.
During this phase, several things occur:
  • Environmental conditions will be assessed.
  • Surveys of the potentially involved properties will be conducted.
  • Measurements of water quality and aquatic habitat may be taken.
  • Evaluation of the drainage system for condition and location will be made.
  • Project managers will work with Real Estate Services to determine if and where easement access might be needed. Then staff will discuss with property owners to obtain easements.
  • A conceptual level design effort may occur.
  • A cost analysis will occur to determine if the project meets Storm Water Services' standards and program goals.  Is the project cost beneficial?

​​​​Current Projects in Feasibility Phase

Project Name


Contact Information

Newell Stream Restoration

Adrian Cardenas


Lakewood Stream Restoration

Adrian Cardenas


​​Stevens Creek stream restoration

David Kroening

David.Kroening@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov  ​

West Branch Rocky River stream restoration​

David Kroening​


There are several important things to note during a project’s feasibility phase.

  • This phase is used to determine if a project is viable and will continue on further. There is no certainty that the project will move on to construction.
  • Storm Water Services sometimes utilizes consultants to perform feasibility analyzes including water quality monitoring or surveying. Property owners may see these consultants from time to time working in the area.
  • Typically, there will not be any construction activity or heavy equipment used during the feasibility phase of a Storm Water Services project.

The feasibility phase of a project can range from six months to a year, or longer depending on the scale of the project and the time it takes to acquire easements.

For more information about our water quality projects, visit the Stream Restoration projects page to learn more about why Storm Water Services restores streams or visit the Pond Restoration Projects page. ​​