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Irwin Creek

Stream Restoration, Wetland Creation and Water Quality Enhancement  

Irwin Creek    ​ Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services has restored the path and banks of Irwin Creek in the Clanton Park neighborhood.

The project, in partnership with the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program, restored about 1,400 linear feet of Irwin Creek at Whitehurst Road. To help remove some pollutants from storm water runoff, a floodplain bench and wetland were constructed near the restored stream channel.
  • Protect and improve water quality
  • Restore natural stream pattern
  • Stabilize stream banks
  • Improve aquatic habitat
  • Construct a wetland
  • Enhance natural floodplain benefits  


September 2009 Mailer

Cost: $512,854

Source of Funding:
North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program

Project Schedule:

Planning and Design: Completed October 2006
HDR Engineering, Inc. of the Carolinas

Construction:  Completed summer 2009
Blythe Development Company

Planting along banks completed fall 2009

Project Manager:

Crystal Taylor, P.E.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services