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Jefferson (Phase II)
Cost: $ 4,900,000
Please note that this figure includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, permits and landscaping.

Jefferson (Phase II) Map

Design Phase (Completed)
During this phase detailed construction drawings and exhibits are prepared for every property affected by improvements.  Many details must be addressed including the determination of specific pipe sizes and alignments, stream widths and lining types, inlet sizes and locations, utility relocations, tree removal and easement widths and locations.  A public meeting was held on October 2, 2007 to present the final plans and discuss upcoming construction issues.  Currently, design is over 99% complete. Final documents are being prepared to bid the project (See Bid Phase below).

Permitting Phase (Completed)
During the permitting phase, the required water quality permits and certifications are obtained from County, State and Federal agencies.  Permit applications are prepared and meetings are conducted with the NC Division of Environment and Natural Resources and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Permits have been submitted for and are awaiting agency approvals.

Property Easement/Acquisition Phase (Completed)
The City's real estate staff works directly with affected citizens to acquire Storm Drainage Easements (SDEs).  The City requests that affected property owners grant SDEs to provide the City access to their property to perform needed improvements and future maintenance.

The project schedule for this phase depends almost entirely on the responsiveness of property owners.  Timely responses from citizens and donations of SDEs expedite the repairs.  The bid phase begins after all easements are acquired.

Bid Phase (Completed)
During the bid phase, the final plans are circulated to qualified contractors for a competitive bidding process.  By state law, the lowest responsible bidder is awarded the construction contract. Through this process United Construction was awarded the contract.

Construction Phase (Completed)
Throughout construction, efforts will be made to minimize disruption to nearby property owners. Construction of proposed improvements will be supervised by City Storm Water inspectors. Notifications of key construction dates and will be mailed to residents prior to construction. Construction occurs in stages and the total time frame is based upon the size and complexity of the work.

Contact Information:

William Harris, E.I.
City Project Manager

Gary Stansbury
City Construction Manager

Adam Clapp
City Construction Inspector

Amy Bice, E.I.
Watershed Area Manager

Matthew Gustis, P.E.
City Engineering Team Program Manager