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Jefferson Storm Drainage Improvement Project

The Jefferson Storm Drainage Improvement Project covers 850 acres, and includes neighborhoods along Providence Road, roughly bounded to the north by Fairview Road and Sardis Road and to the west by Carmel Road.  The entire project area drains to Swan Run Branch, a tributary to McAlpine Creek. 

Map of all Jefferson projects.

Numerous complaints of house, crawl space and street flooding, channel erosion, pipe failures and other problems led to the ranking of this project as a high priority project for the City.  Where needed, improvements include upgrade of street pipe systems, roadside ditches and road culverts, restoration and stabilization of stream sections, and pond improvements.   These improvements are currently expected to include over 15 major culvert upgrades, 11,000 feet of new drainage pipe, 18,000 linear feet of stream restoration/ stabilization, retrofit of up to 8 existing ponds, and inclusion of several water quality facilities.


  • Reduce street, house and crawl space flooding in the project area through flood control improvements.
  • Replace failing drainage infrastructure.
  • Resolve open Customer Service Drainage Requests in the project area.
  • Upgrade the existing storm drainage system to meet City standard.
  • Reduce ongoing channel erosion and establish natural self-maintaining streams through stream restoration and stabilization improvements.

    Map of Jefferson project areas. 

    Planning (Completed June 2004)
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) worked with the engineering firm of W.K. Dickson to analyze problems and plan improvements to the drainage system in the Jefferson project area.  These plans were based on citizen calls to 704-336-RAIN, responses to the neighborhood questionnaire, field surveys, and results of the storm event models performed by W.K. Dickson.

    A public meeting was held on June 10, 2003 to present the results of analysis of the existing condition of the drainage system. A second public meeting was held on March 4, 2004 to discuss the alternatives developed for improvements and obtain property owner feedback.

    Map of Project Phases
    In order to expedite construction, the Jefferson project was broken into 3 phases at the end of Planning.
    View the map of the phases to this project.  You will need Adobe Reader to view this map.  Please download it free at Adobe.com.


    View the details for each phase below:

    Phase 1

    Phase 2

    Phase 3               


    Project Team

    William Harris, E.I.
    City Project Manager

    Amy Bice, E.I.
    Watershed Area Manager

    Matthew Gustis, P.E.
    City Engineering Team Program Manager

    WK Dickson
    Scott Sigmon,
    Flood Control Improvements

    Scott Whalen

    Michael Ellison,
    Streams & Water Quality

    Meeting Minutes

    March 17, 2005


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    July 2008
    December 2006