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Jefferson Meeting Minutes - March 17, 2005

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) held the third public meeting for the Jefferson Storm Drainage Improvement Project on March 17, 2005 at the Jewish Community Center. Staff from CMSWS and W.K. Dickson, the engineering firm hired to plan and design the project, and more than 75 residents from the project area were in attendance. The purpose of this meeting was to present the design plans and begin easement acquisition for Phase 1 of the project, and to present preliminary plans for Phase 2. The following is a summary of the main points discussed in the meeting.

Susan Plueger, CMSWS Project Manager, gave an overview of the need for the project, the stages of a CMSWS project and details on Phase 1 and 2 improvements. Construction will begin in the downstream area and proceed upstream. The anticipated construction schedules on each phase are as follows:

PHASE 1: Construction to begin in summer 2006

PHASE 2: Construction to begin by June 2007

PHASE 3: Construction to begin by December 2007

Small drainage problems can often be resolved through the CMSWS maintenance group. In the project area, repairs are being planned through CMSWS Maintenance for Pinetree Drive, Landsdowne Drive, and the Mammoth Oaks/Creola Drive intersection. These may occur prior to the main project being started.

Design continues on all three phases. This includes ongoing survey, pipe videoing, tree flagging, geotechnical borings to check for rock, and design plan development. When geotechnical work is being performed on private property, prior notification will be provided. Tree flagging is for survey only, and does not imply tree removal.

Easements allow the City access on private property to construct improvements and maintain the drainage system. CMSWS requests that property owners grant these easements to allow the improvements to be made. If an easement is needed on your property, you will be contacted by a City real estate agent. Please direct any questions related to easements to the agent assigned to you. PHASE 1 agents are:

Dean Smith: 704-336-4191 or dasmith@ci.charlotte.nc.us
Lynnea Pulver: 704-353-1148 or lpulver@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Although the City can obtain the easement rights through eminent domain, which includes an independent appraisal, granting of the easements by donation and/or negotiation to offset impacts is preferred. Easements are recorded at the Register of Deeds office and become a part of the property deed, thus transferring with the property with any future sales.

Landscaping: Where streams are being restored, additional trees and other vegetative plantings are included as part of the project. Tree replanting can also be provided for individual trees on private property that have to be removed as part of the work. Trees and other items located within the street right-of-way are not replaced. We encourage residents to move small shrubs, flowers, planters etc. from the construction zone prior to construction starting.

Construction: The City has three staff members that serve as liaisons during this time; the construction inspector, who is on site with the contractor; the construction manager, who oversees the contract; and the project manager. Mailers providing start time and contact information will be provided prior to construction starting on any phase. Each project phase may take up to 2 years to construct, but no given property should be impacted the entire time.


Final Design and Permit Submittals: Ongoing – May include some spot surveying, pipe videoing, and contacts with property owners to finalize design issues.

Easement Acquisition: Ongoing – City real estate agents will contact any affected property owners.

Design: Ongoing– Will include survey, tree flagging, pipe videoing, geotechnical borings, and contacts with property owners for design input.

Easement Acquisition: Anticipated to begin in the fall of 2005.

Design: Ongoing – Will include survey, tree flagging, pipe videoing and geotechnical borings. Property owner contacts for design input to begin in the summer/fall of 2005.

Project Team
Charlotte Storm Water Services
Matthew Gustis, P.E.
City Engineering Team Program Manager

W. K. Dickson
Scott Sigmon
, Flood control improvements
919-782-0495 or ssigmon@wkdickson.com

Dave Kiker,
Streams and water quality
919-782-0495 or djkiker@wkdickson.com

Steve McEvoy,
Dams and ponds
919-782-0495 or smcevoy@wkdickson.com

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