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Torrence Creek Main Stem & Torrence Creek Tributary #2
Stream Restoration and Water Quality Enhancement

Decades of rapid growth in Huntersville damaged streams in the Torrence Creek subwatershed.​

Aerial view of project area
This project restored sections of both Torrence Creek
and Tributary #2

This Storm Water Services project restored:
   •   7,700 linear feet of the main stem of
       Torrence Creek starting at McCoy Road
   •   9,000 linear feet of Torrence Creek
        Tributary #2 from I-77 to Bradford Hill

   •   Repair severe bank erosion
   •   Restore the stream beds
   •   Reduce the amount of sediment in the streams
   •   Create several storm water pocket wetlands in the         floodplain
   •   Improve aquatic habitat
   •   Enhance natural floodplain benefits

Some of the stream work was done near Mecklenburg County's Torrence Creek Greenway​

Stream work completed: 2011

Final project mailer (March 2011)
Project Cost: $2 million (construction)

Sources of funding:
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
(ARRA or federal stimulus program): $2 million
The ARRA award was a loan. Half of the amount was forgiven. Half is being repaid at 0% interest. 
 Federal stimulus logo

North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund: $370,000 (to repay ARRA loan)

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services: $630,000 (to repay ARRA loan)

Torrence Creek eroded, covered with kudzu
Before: the creek channel was
eroded and neglected

Restored stream flowing through healthy plants
After: The neglected stream was repaired.
Water in the creek is cleaner.

Project Schedule:

Design: July 2008 to March 2009
                Kimley Horn
Construction: December 2009 through March 2011
                Eaglewood, Inc.

Brian Sikes
Project Manager
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services