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Upper McDowell Creek

​Stream restoration and water quality improvements

Pictures before, during and after this project tell the story.

Feb. 2010 before construction
Feb. 2010 before construction

March 2010 during construction
March 2010 during construction

June 2010 after construction
June 2010 after construction

Two small streams in the upper reaches of the McDowell Watershed were choked with sediment and covered in kudzu. Storm Water Services restored the path and banks of the streams. Along the restored streams, wetlands, a rain garden and a level spreader were added to remove pollutants from storm water runoff.
This project is designed to help protect Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s drinking water quality. The streams flow into McDowell Creek, which enters the Catawba River just upstream of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s main drinking water intake.
Completed: 2010


  • Improve water quality by reducing pollution and sediment in the streams
  • Restore the natural ecosystem and improve aquatic habitat in the streams

Final project mailer (June 2011)

Costs:   $742,000

Sources of Funding:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services--$270,000
North Carolina EPA 319 Program--$421,000
Town of Cornelius--$51,000

Project Schedule:
Planning and Design (2007 – 2009)
McKim and Creed

Construction (February – September 2010)

Water Quality Monitoring: Began 2010

 Before Stream Restoration  Construction of Stream Restoration

Stream restoration improves water quality and makes our streams look better, too!

This project is a partnership of the Town of Cornelius, private property owners along Danesway Lane and Pine Ridge Drive, and Storm Water Services.

Project Manager:

David Woodie, P.E.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services