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McDowell Watershed Project

​Some Huntersville parking lots and floodplains have gone green to protect our creeks!

Storm Water Services, with the cooperation of private businesses and the Town of Huntersville, is working to reduce water pollution and protect the source of Charlotte-Mecklenburg's drinking water.

Storm water ​Stormwater Control Measures were added to:

  • Northcross Shopping Center
  • Carolinas Medical Center-Northcross
  • Northcross Commons 
  • Northpointe Executive Park
  • Monteith Park subdivision  
All five locations are near Interstate 77, Highway 73 (Sam Furr Road) and US 21 (Statesville Road.) Runoff from the five sites flows into Caldwell Station Creek or Torrence Creek, then into McDowell Creek.

Storm Water Services used engineering and landscaping techniques known as Best Management Practices or "BMPs." The rain gardens and wetland berms were retrofitted into the existing development including parking lots and open space.

These BMPs manage the amount of storm water and also filter out many types of pollutants. Storm Water staff is now monitoring pollution levels in the storm water runoff to determine the effectiveness of the BMPs.
                        Rain garden 
Rain garden at Northcross Shopping Center

Photo tour of th​e SCMs

Final project mailer (June 2010)

May 2008 News Release   

Cost: $1,462,000
Design and Construction

Sources of Funding:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services--$700,000
North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund--$475,000
North Carolina DENR 319 Program--$287,000  

Project Schedule:

Planning and Design—Completed 2006 

Construction—Completed 2008  

  Rain Gardens
     LJ, Inc.
        Subcontractors: Land Mechanics
                              Habitat Assessment & Restoration Program (HARP)

  Wetland Berms
     Harvest Environmental Services, Inc.
          Subcontractor: HARP

Project Manager:

David Woodie, P.E.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services