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Pineville Town Hall BMPs

The Town of Pineville, in cooperation with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, constructed a demonstration bioretention BMP.  One goal is improving water quality in the Sugar Creek Watershed.  In addition, the rain gardens are an example of how the Post-Construction Ordinance can help offset some of development's negative impacts on surface water.

The project included design and construction of two bioretention cells that receive runoff from the parking lot and rooftop of the newly refurbished Town Hall. Funding for this project came from a Clean Water Management Trust Fund grant and from the Town of Pineville, with additional planning and support provided by Storm Water Services.

Completed: December 2007


  • Create Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Reduce pollution from storm water runoff
  • Improve storm water controls and management
  • Provide educational opportunities for schools and the community

Cost: $30,000

Sources of funding:
NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund: $18,000
Town of Pineville: $12,000.00

In Pineville, most commercial development took place before any storm water regulations.  This BMP project illustrates the Town of Pineville's commitment to improving water quality.

Before the project
After the project storm water runs into a rain garden
Storm water now  runs off the parking lot and 
into this bioretention cell (rain garden)
Before the project
After the project bioretention now treats storm water runoff
Bioretention on the back corner of parking lot
now treats storm water runoff from the roof