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Stream Restoration and Enhancement Projects

To reduce erosion and enhance water quality, Storm Water Services routinely constructs stream restoration or enhancement projects. They are often constructed in combination with flood mitigation and BMP projects with the goal of restoring entire watersheds.

List of Stream Restoration/Enhancement Projects:

Briar Creek-Randolph to Providence Roads
Briar Creek-Runnymede Lane to Park Road
Briar Creek-Country Club Heights neighborhood (along Dunlavin Way - delayed)
Briar Creek - Doral/Cavalier (Chantilly) 
City View 
Coliseum Creek  
Edwards Branch
Four Mile Creek (William R. Davie Park)
Glassy Creek
Irwin Creek
Little Sugar Creek-Hidden Valley
Little Sugar Creek-Cullman Avenue (NoDa)
Little Sugar Creek-7th Street to Elizabeth Avenue (CPCC) 
Little Sugar Creek-Elizabeth Avenue to Charlottetowne Avenue (Elizabeth) 
Little Sugar Creek-Charlottetowne Avenue to Pearl Park Way (Midtown)
Little Sugar Creek-Charlottetowne Avenue to Morehead Street (along Kings Drive)
Little Sugar Creek-Liz Hair Nature Walk (near Carolinas Medical Center) 
Little Sugar Creek-Freedom Park 
Little Sugar Creek-Westfield (behind Park Road Shopping Center)
McAlpine Creek - Bishops Ridge Stream Restoration
McAlpine Creek - Lancer Drive to Sentinal Post
McAlpine Creek @ Sardis Road 
McAlpine Creek-Sardis to Providence
McDowell Creek Watershed
McDowell Creek (Upper reaches from Pine Ridge Drive to Danesway Lane)
McDowell Creek (Westmoreland Road to Sam Furr Road - delayed by easement acquisition)
McDowell Creek (Birkdale to Gilead Road)
McIntyre Creek
 (Hornets Nest Park)
Muddy Creek
Torrence Creek (The Park business area from Reese Boulevard to McCoy Road)
Torrence Creek (starting at McCoy Road)
Torrence Creek Tributary #1 (from I-77 to main stem of Torrence Creek)
Torrence Creek Tributary #1 (Headwaters in North Mecklenburg Park)
Torrence Creek Tributary #2 (starting at I-77)