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Purpose of Storm Water Projects
Storm Water Projects are designed to:    
1. reduce water pollution or 
2. reduce flood risks or 
3. both. 

Specific goals of our larger capital projects may include:

  • Reducing house and street flooding by improving the storm drainage system
  • Changing the stream path to a more natural design
  • Stabilizing eroded creek banks
  • Restoring the floodplain to its natural state and function
  • Enhancing water quality
  • Improving habitats for aquatic life and wildlife
      Project construction.
Active projects

Completed projects

See a map of projects in your neighborhood

Watch videos about the project process or understanding project construction. These videos specifically refer to Charlotte.  Procedures used by the six Towns and Mecklenburg County are similar but may not be identical to the City's.

Maintenance projects involve smaller storm drainage improvement repairs for qualifying customers.