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Pilot Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The Storm Water Services' Pilot BMP program is focused on determining the cost benefit, pollutant removal efficiency, and maintenance costs or requirements of various types of BMPs. 

Knowledge gained from evaluating these Pilot BMPs is part of an overall water quality management strategy for Charlotte-Mecklenburg watersheds.

View the Pilot BMP Procedures and Requirements Document

Bruns Avenue Elementary School
Edwards Branch
Little Sugar Creek--Hidden Valley
Little Sugar Creek--Westfield

Pre-Manufactured BMPs
CATS TMOC Bus Garage
CATS BMOF Bus Garage
New Street Maintenance Facility
Park Road Shopping Center

Bioretention Areas
Bruns Avenue Elementary School

Level Spreaders
Little Sugar Creek--Westfield

Pond Rehabilitation
Park Road Park
Shade Valley
Pierson Pond

Low Impact Development Retrofit
Shops on Freedom Drive
Wilmore Walk

For more information about the Pilot BMP Program, please contact Steve Jadlocki at 704-336-4398.