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Maps, Data, Reports, and Information

(NOTE: These documents are Adobe PDF's and require Adobe Reader to view. You may download a free copy by visiting Adobe.com.)

Flood Zone Interactive Map
(Enter the street address or owner's name or parcel ID number.  To see the Flood Insurance Rate Map panel for that property, go to the FIRM Map link.)

Flood Insurance Rate Map Panels
(Listed by FEMA Map Number.  To find floodplain information for an individual property, use the Flood Zone Interactive Map above.) 

Flood Insurance Rate Map Reference Marks
(Data list for use by surveyors.)

Flood Insurance Study
(Effective February 4, 2005, this FEMA study analyzes the severity of flooding risks throughout Mecklenburg County.  Data is used to manage floodplain development and set flood insurance rates.)

Engineering Data
(Hydraulic and hydrologic analyses and data for flood studies and floodway development.)

Geographic Data
(Geospatial files for site plans.)

Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) on file
(Listed by FEMA case number.  To find out if there is a LOMR on record for your property, use the Flood Zone Interactive Map above.)

Elevation Certificates on File
(List of elevation certificates approved for buildings in FEMA-regulated floodplains.)

Benchmarks - City of Charlotte
(This Excel spreadsheet contains the City of Charlotte Storm Water Benchmarks and other survey controls set by the City of Charlotte Survey/Mapping/GIS section. )

Real Time Stream Gauge Data

Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan
(Study to determine feasible and cost-effective ways to reduce flood losses in ten Charlotte-Mecklenburg watersheds.)

Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan broken down by watershed

Mecklenburg County Floodplain Mapping Summary Report

Stream Use-Support Index (SUSI) Map