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Mecklenburg County Creek Use Policy

The following policy was adopted unanimously by the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners on October 15, 1996:

"The County Commission herein finds that the public policy of Mecklenburg County is that our surface waters - creeks, tributaries, ponds and lakes - are a natural resource to be protected as a source of natural beauty and recreation.

Further, that the use of our creeks, tributaries, ponds and lakes as a stormwater disposal method shall be secondary to the preservation of creeks, tributaries, ponds and lakes.

It is the intent of the Commission that all Mecklenburg waters shall be suitable for prolonged human contact, and recreational opportunities and shall be suitable to support varied species of aquatic vegetation and aquatic life.

That staff is directed to bring to the Commission within 90 days a list of alternatives and potential costs to restore our waterways and lakes to natural beauty and recreational use, whether through public and/or private ventures."

This stated Policy led to the County's adoption of the Surface Water Improvement and Management initiative or "SWIM" in 1998.