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Little Sugar Creek - Westfield

The Little Sugar Creek – Westfield wetlands project was constructed in 2004 along Little Sugar Creek near the Myers Park Manor neighborhood. The project was in conjunction with a stream restoration project on Little Sugar Creek.

Brandywine/Hillside Wetlands
The wetlands project involved constructing wetland cells along the floodplain adjacent to the creek to receive runoff from the storm drain system serving the neighborhood. The wetland cells are designed as detention structures with forebays, high/low marsh areas, micropools and detention riser outlets.
 The Brandywine wetland

The stream restoration project was also part of a Flood Hazard Mitigation project.

Westfield Level Spreader
The level spreader project involved constructing a concrete level spreader and a vegetated filter strip along the floodplain adjacent to the creek to received runoff from the storm drainage system serving the neighborhood.

Testing Results
Testing of water moving into and out of the level spreader indicates that the level spreader has the ability to effectively treat a number of pollutants.

A report has been published summarizing the testing results.