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Shade Valley Pond

Shade Valley pond is located just upstream of Shade Valley Road and was constructed during the 1950's as a water feature for a nearby multi-family housing development. The area immediately surrounding the pond consists of an apartment complex and its associated parking areas. Additionally, a 27.3-acre watershed consisting of commercial, residential and transportation land uses feeds the pond via a small, perennial stream.  Shade Valley Pond before construction
Impervious area within the watershed is approximately 86%.

Prior to the summer of 2004, the condition of the pond was very poor. Mowing of the vegetated border of the pond and intense waterfowl activity resulted in a rapidly eroding pond bank. Sediment deposition at the main inlet of the pond had created an exposed sand bar which nearly encircled the inlet. Fecal matter and feathers were prevalent on the banks of the pond and in the pond itself.

Shade Valley pond was approximately 0.6 acres in area with an average depth of 3 feet. The banks of the pond were severely eroded due to the intense waterfowl activity in the area.

The Storm Water Services began a construction project in the summer of 2004 to modify the existing pond with the intent of improving its stormwater treatment capabilities and providing improved water quality downstream.

Construction activities were completed in the winter of 2005. Post retrofit monitoring began in late 2006 and continued through 2008 to document the effects of the improvements with respect to stormwater treatment.

 Shade Valley Pond after construction

Visit the Capital Improvement Project page for construction details.

A report summarizing pre-retrofit monitoring results has recently been published.