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City of Charlotte - Pilot Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Program

​Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) implements a proactive Pilot Stormwater Control Measure program.  The purpose of the program is to evaluate various types of structural stormwater control measures (SCMs) within different land uses to determine their best use and effectiveness within Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s overall stormwater management program.  Specifically, the program strives to determine the cost benefit and acceptability of various SCMs for potential inclusion in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP design manual by evaluating:

  • capital cost of SCMs
  • operation and maintenance requirements and costs for SCMs
  • pollutant removal efficiency of SCMs
  • stormwater quantity control capabilities of various SCMs
​Where possible, CMSWS utilizes information gained under the pilot program to support water quality management efforts and the development and refinement of local SCM standards for land development projects. 
CMSWS seeks opportunities to evaluate pilot SCMs within public or private projects in cases where such opportunities support the goals of the program.  While most evaluations are conducted within public projects, opportunities may also be available within private development projects on a case-by-case basis and as allowed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Design manual.  Pilot SCM evaluations conducted within private projects will be developed through contractual agreement with project property owners and/or developers who, in most cases, are required to meet stormwater treatment requirements in the City of Charlotte Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance (PCSO).