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Regional Storm Water Partnership

The Regional Stormwater Partnership is a forum of stormwater professionals and UNCC educators that hope to build a stronger workforce and a community more knowledgeable of stormwater issues.

The Infrastructure, Design, Environment, and Sustainability (IDEAS) Center at UNC Charlotte facilitates and administrates the Regional Stormwater Partnership. The Partnership includes municipalities that are interested in collaborating on education and outreach initiatives to meet Clean Water Act stormwater permit requirements.

The IDEAS Center is a regional focal point for sound research, education, and the application of knowledge.
It is hoped that the collaboration of municipal storm water professionals and UNCC educators will result in a unique partnership that helps municipalities meet permit requirements and helps educators provide their students with enhanced  personal and professional growth.

Please see the Regional Stormwater Partnership’s website for more information about their collaborative stormwater education projects and the  learning opportunities it provides to local storm water professionals and students.