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Water Quality Recovery Plans and Master Plans

To improve water quality in impaired streams, specific action plans have been approved at the local and state levels. The plans describe ways that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services will reduce pollutant levels and how success will be measured.

Goose Creek Water Quality Recovery Program (overview)

Goose Creek Watershed Management Plan

Goose Creek Water Quality Recovery Plan for TMDL (Fecal Coliform)

Irwin, McAlpine, Little Sugar, Sugar Creeks (Fecal Coliform)

Sugar, Little Sugar and McAlpine Creeks (Fecal Coliform)

Long, McAlpine, Sugar, Little Sugar, Irwin (Turbidity)

McDowell Watershed Management Program (overview)

McDowell Watershed Management Master Plan

(Although McDowell Creek does not have a TMDL, the McDowell Watershed Master Plan was developed to improve water quality in this water supply watershed)

Rocky River Watershed Management Master Plan (overview)

Rocky River Watershed BMP Master Plan

Rocky River Water Quality Recovery Program Plan

Charlotte-Mecklenbu​rg TMDL Watershed Plan

For more information on TMDLs and Watershed Master Plans, contact:
Water Quality Planner