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Big Sweep

Big Sweep was an annual event when volunteers improved water quality by removing trash from streams and lakes across North Carolina. Since the early 90s, Storm Water Services participated by coordinating volunteers to remove trash at several locations in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. This local one day event attracted more than 500 volunteers and removed an average of 10 tons of trash each year! The last Big Sweep event in Mecklenburg County was on September 27, 2014 when volunteers removed 631 bags of trash from local waterways. Most of the trash removed were bottles and cans, along with:

​• 63 tires
• a washing machine
• a typewriter
• large pieces of carpet
• a couch and mattresses
• children's underpants
• a bounce house

In March 2015, NC Big Sweep, the non-profit that organized events across the state, dissolved. This left individual counties to plan and coordinate the annual event themselves. This also means “Big Sweep” can no longer be used for the name of the event moving forward.

But don’t worry! All is not lost! The annual event will continue in Mecklenburg County under a new name and is projected to take place in March 2016. Check back to this webpage for updates. We’ll post an exact date and more information about the 2016 event as it becomes available. You can also receive the most updated information about this event and other Water Watcher activities on our Facebook page.


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More information about the annual surface water cleanup event:

Erin Hall
Senior Environmental Specialist
(704) 336-7980