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Creek ReLeaf Program
Thank you volunteers for your help with this year’s Creek ReLeaf tree planting events. More than 500 volunteers planted a combined total of 2000 tree seedlings along Rocky River in Davidson, NC on November 15 and along McDowell Creek in Huntersville, NC on November 22.​​​​​

By reforesting areas adjacent to our stream network we are able to reduce both the volume of runoff and the amount of pollution and sediment that enters our stream network. Trees reduce erosion by stabilizing the soil and provide much needed shade to the stream channel, which reduces the water temperature during the summer allowing temperature sensitive aquatic organisms to flourish.

Creek ReLeaf is a collaborative effort of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, the Charlotte Public Tree Fund, the Center for Sustainability at Central Piedmont Community College, the Sierra Club-Central Piedmont Group, dedicated volunteers, and financial supporters to plant trees in riparian areas (floodplains and stream buffers) of Mecklenburg County.

Since 2008, volunteers have planted nearly 13,000 tree seedlings in Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Briar Creek, Irwin Creek, Little Sugar Creek, McDowell Creek, and Rocky River watersheds.

For more information on the Creek ReLeaf program, visit www.creekreleaf.com or contact:
Erin Hall 
Senior Environmental Specialist