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Find out if your property has mandatory water quality buffers


Screen shot of POLARIS map   
  • ​Go to POLARIS 3G​ interactive website
  • Type address or parcel ID number in Search box (upper lef​t) and hit Enter
​   On the sample maps on the left, each step is 
   highlighted using a green circle.



  • ​Select "Overlays" on upper right
Screen shot of POLARIS map

  • ​Select "Water Quality Buffers (SWIM)" and "Post Construction Buffers" on left side
Screen shot of POLARIS map

  • Select "Legend" on upper right to identify the type of buffer(s) on the parcel
Different colors on the map show the required width of different types of SWIM buffers.

Different hash marks show the required types of Post Construction buffers.
​Learn more about complying with buffer requirements ​

  • ​While on the "Overlays" screen, select "Go to Details" (in red on upper left side of the screen)
  • Near the middle of the page, move slider bar to the bottom. On left side, find "Environmental Information." Click on "Floodplain, Zoning & Watershed Information."
  • The post-construction district and municipal jurisdiction are indicated on the left side of the screen.
  • Under Water Quality Buffers and under Post Construction Districts, there are links for "Detailed Information." The links will take you to applicable ordinances, manuals, instructions and forms.
 Ordinances about water quality buffers.