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​To comply with state law, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services provides a “single storm water system” for residents of Mecklenburg County. However, Storm Water Services is not a single department. Some services are provided by employees of the City of Charlotte. Others are provided by employees of Mecklenburg County.

City-County Storm Water Billing Service:
​This group is responsible for accurate storm water customer billing and impervious-area mapping.
Business Manager:  Elizabeth Thomas-Hollier​

Charlotte Storm Water Services Division Manager:  Jennifer G. Smith, P.E.  

Charlotte Storm Water Services Assistant Division Manager:
  Daryl Hammock, P.E.

Mecklenburg County Water & Land Resources Director: 
Dave Canaan

Call 311 to report problems 

Or call 704-336-7600.

City of Charlotte Engineering Team
This team implements the Capital Improvement Program which updates and improves the capacity and performance of the City's storm drainage system. 
Program Manager:
  Matthew Gustis, P.E.

City of Charlotte Design Management Team 
This team investigates customer requests and provides engineering based resolutions for improvements to remedial drainage systems on private property and public rights of way. 
Program Manager:  Stewart Edwards, P.E.

City of Charlotte Construction Management Team
This team administers, manages and inspects construction projects for the City of Charlotte Storm Water Services Division. 
Program Manager:  Susan Tolan, P.E.

Mecklenburg County Engineering & Mitigation
This program plans, prioritizes and implements capital projects designed to improve water quality in streams or to reduce flood losses. Staff uses engineering techniques to improve water quality by restoring streams and the floodplains that surround them. Staff reduces flood losses through innovative floodplain management that includes floodplain mapping, real-time flood notification, floodplain buyouts and education about flood risk.
Program Manager:  Tim Trautman, P.E., C.F.M.

Mecklenburg County Storm Water Operations
From removing large blockages in named creeks to maintaining rain gardens on public property, this staff keeps our creeks flowing and protects the natural functions of our floodplains.
Program Manager:  Eric Bulman

Mecklenburg County Permitting & Compliance
This program provides review, permitting and inspection services to ensure development activities within Mecklenburg County's six towns comply with local zoning, development, floodplain and storm water ordinances throughout the building process. This program also investigates storm drainage system problems within the six towns and the unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County.
Program Manager:  Don Ceccarelli, P.E.

City of Charlotte Water Quality 
This team is responsible for satisfying the City's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit (Public Education and Outreach, Public Involvement and Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Construction Site Runoff Controls, Post-Construction Site Runoff Controls, and Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations), watershed planning and restoration efforts, Charlotte's Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank, Pilot Stormw​ater Control Measure program, and Storm Water Services 404/401 permitting. The Water Quality Team works to protect and improve the health and function of Charlotte's surface waters. 
Program Manager:  Marc Recktenwald

City of Charlotte Water Quality Educator​
Kristen O’Reilly​

Mecklenburg County Water Quality
Maintaining and restoring the quality and usability of Mecklenburg County's surface water—that's the goal of the County Water Quality program. We protect more than 190-miles of shoreline on three lakes and 3,000 miles of streams. County Water Quality staff works to identify and eliminate pollution sources, enforce environmental regulations, and to develop and implement watershed management plans.
Program Manager:  Rusty Rozzelle

Mecklenburg County Water Quality Public Education and Involvement
David Caldwell
Environmental Supervisor

City of Charlotte Administration Team
This team is responsible for the implementation and collection of the storm water utility fee, public information and education and customer service.
Program Manager:  Joe Hecksher

City of Charlotte
Information Systems and GIS
Storm Water's Technology Group is responsible for information systems support, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the development and  implementation of new technology solutions.
Program Manager: Samantha Willis 

Mailing addresses:

City of Charlotte Storm Water Services offices:
600 East Fourth Street
12th and 14th Floors
Charlotte, NC  28202

Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services offices:
- Administration
- Engineering & Mitigation Program
- Permitting & Compliance Program
- Water Quality Program
2145 Suttle Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28208​

Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services:
- Operations Program
5800 Rozzelles Ferry Road
Charlotte, NC 28214

Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC)

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