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"No Wake Zones" on Mountain Island Lake
​Storm ​Water Services staff of Mecklenburg County's Land​ Use & Env​​ironmental Services Agency (LUESA) administer the process of establishing "No Wake Zones" on Mountain Island Lake in Mecklenburg County.​
What is a "No Wake Zone"?
A "No Wake Zone" is defined as an area of a lake or river where vessels are required to travel at an idle speed or a slow speed creating no appreciable wake. These No Wake Zones are typically identified by floating buoys.

North Carolina law establishes that only the state Wildlife Resources Commission and marine commissions can approve a No Wake Zone. The Marine Commissions for Lake Norman and Lake Wylie handle requests for the establishment of No Wake Zones on their respective lakes.
Buoy floating in lake
 Floating buoys usually mark "No Wake Zones"
​​Lake Norman Marine Commission

Mountain Island Lake does not have a marine commission. For that reason, all No Wake Zones on that lake must be established by the Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC).

North Carolina law authorizes the WRC to establish No Wake Zones at public vessel launching ramps, marinas, vessel service areas, and on other congested water areas where there are demonstrated water safety hazards. Get more information about No Wake Zones established​ by the Wildlife Resources Commission

The process for establishing a No Wake Zone on Mountain Island Lake in Mecklenburg County
On Mountain Island Lake, the process used by the Wildlife Resources Commission for the establishment of a No Wake Zone is:
  • Interested person submits an application​​​ for a No Wake Zone on a portion of Mountain Island Lake
  • Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) advertises in a local newspaper the date, time and location of a public hearing on the No Wake Zone proposal
  • BOCC holds a public hearing
  • BOCC votes to approve or deny the proposal
  • If approved by the BOCC, County staff submits the necessary paperwork to the Wildlife Resources Commission
  • If approved by the Wildlife Resources Commission, Mecklenburg County staff will install and maintain buoys identifying the No Wake Zone
The entire process, beginning with the submittal of the application, may take between one and two years to complete.

For information on "No Wake Zones" on Mountain Island Lake in Gaston or Lincoln Counties, contact the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission at 919-707-0065.

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