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Creek Maintenance
Charlotte-Mecklenburg has 3,000 miles of creeks and streams. These waterways are an essential part of our storm drainage system. Well-maintained creeks also provide:
  • natural beauty
  • habitat for aquatic life and wildlife
  • opportunities for residents to connect with nature.

When maintaining and enhancing our creeks, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services tries to
preserve a balance between the goals of reducing flood risks and protecting the environment. Why do creeks flood?

 working in a creek    
Removing large sticks that were blocking the flow of McAlpine Creek    
Creek maintenance by Storm Water Services includes:

  • removing some blockages that could prevent water from flowing normally in our creeks and through culverts
  • trimming or removing vegetation along creek banks when staff determines it is necessary
  • controlling severe creek bank erosion when necessary to protect water quality and adjacent land.
Creek maintenance by Storm Water Services is designed to keep the streams as natural as possible. Trees, bushes and other native plants along creeks are necessary for healthy waterways.  And in most cases, plants are better at preventing creek bank erosion than are man-made efforts such as lining creeks with rocks.

Storm Water Services typically does not remove small amounts of debris from creeks such as trash or small tree branches. Storm Water Services also does not clear cut vegetation from creek banks as part of routine maintenance.

Selective Cutting Policy for Major System streams (“named” creeks)

Report a blockage in a Charlotte-Mecklenburg creek

Report pollution in a creek

Volunteer to clean up our creeks

Creek bank erosion

Stream restoration projects 

trash filled creek
clean creek
         Storm Water Services crews removed the sediment piles and trash that were blocking Irvins Creek in Charlotte