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​When rain lands on a sidewalk, driveway or road it has to go somewhere. It flows to a storm drain.
Storm Drain.

Storm drains flow directly to creeks and lakes. So anything that gets in the path of a raindrop becomes pollution in our local water.

Pipe flows directly into creek.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Information


  You will find photos, information, and lots of stuff to help you with your school project.  If you do not find what you are looking for, email us and it will be emailed to you the next business day. 

History of Water in Our Community The creeks, lakes, ponds and rivers in and around Mecklenburg County have been vital to the area's development and prosperity. Read how water quality can affect a community over time.

History of Flooding in Mecklenburg County Several flood events have had an impact on our community. 

Where does water pollution come from? 

How do we test the water in our streams?

Stream Use-Support Index (SUSI) and Maps

Continuous Monitoring Data - A network of stream monitoring gauges continuously monitors the water quality of our local streams. Here you can locate a gauge near your home or school and see what the readings are in real time.  You can also compare to your data for a school project.

Watershed Information – Mecklenburg County is divided into two river basins. 

More about Charlotte-Mecklenburg's creek and lake watersheds

Lake Information - Here you can find information on the three area lakes, tips on pollution prevention, and current water quality information.

Pollution Prevention Information - Here you can find tips on what citizens can do to help keep our surfaces waters clean.

A Glossary of Storm Water Terms

Volunteer Programs - Make a difference, get some service hours, great opportunities for school groups to get involved.

Guide To Going ​Green at School – Make a difference at your school. (Th​anks Sarah!)

Fun and Games​

Stormy's Guide to Storm Water


Storm Water Rapids Game

EPA Environmental Kids Club

FEMA for Kids