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Post-Construction Storm Water Ordinances
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To comply with federal and state law, Mecklenburg County and the Towns of Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill and Pineville each adopted a Post-Construction Storm Water Ordinance effective June 30, 2007. These Ordinances apply to the zoning jurisdictions for the six Towns and to the two square mile area south of Pineville currently under Mecklenburg County's zoning jurisdiction.

The County and Towns' Ordinances are designed to offset some potential negative impacts to surface water that can result from development and redevelopment of land. Overall goals of the Post-Construction Ordinances include:

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  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Minimizing pollution in streams and lakes
  • Reducing stream bank erosion and flood risks
  • Preserving undisturbed stream buffers and open space
  • Protecting endangered aquatic species
  • Reducing long-term costs for watershed restoration

Forms to apply for a Storm Water Management Permit (Mecklenburg County and the six Towns)

Storm Water Permit Application Flow Chart (County/Towns)

Post Construction Ordinance and Administrative Manual
Post-Construction Storm Water Ordinances
Ordinance Summary Charts (County/Towns)
Ordinance Maps (County/Towns)
Post-Construction Administrative Manual – County and Towns

Additional Manuals and Guidelines
Charlotte-Mecklenburg BMP Design Manual  
Huntersville Water Quality Design Manual (Huntersville only. Revised June 2013)
Water Quality Buffer Implementation Guidelines (City, County and Towns)
Post-Construction Policy for Public Transportation Projects (County and Towns)
Rain Garden (Bioretention) Media Sampling Guidelines (Updated 8/1/12)
How to Sample a Rain Garden for Phosphorus - video

Using POLARIS for Post-Construction Ordinance requirements by parcel

Detention Ponds can reduce flood risks
Detention Ponds can reduce flood risks

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