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What do the Post-Construction Storm Water Ordinances require?
The Ordinances adopted by Mecklenburg County and each of the six Towns apply to most commercial and residential development or redevelopment of one acre or more.

In general, the Post-Construction Storm Water ordinances require:

  • Approval of a Concept Plan before development
  • Issuance of a Storm Water Management Permit before development
  • No-build zones and buffers of varying widths along streams
  • A portion of the site be left as undisturbed open space (except in Cornelius and Huntersville)
  • Installation of approved, on-site water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as rain gardens, wet ponds, wetlands, and grass swales to collect and treat storm water runoff
  • Construction of storm water detention measures that reduce flooding risks downstream
Rain gardens filter pollutants & reduce flood risks
Rain gardens filter pollutants & reduce flood risks
The Post-Construction Storm Water Ordinances are designed to encourage a balance between development goals and environmental goals in Mecklenburg County.